Social Media Inspired Halloween Costumes

Reddit Baby Costume

Facebook There are a lot of FB costumes out there that are variations of this: And even some like this: But really, we all know who wins this costume contest: Twitter A friend said he was going to dress up … Continue reading

8 Funny Videos of the 2012 Presidential Election

I’m sure I’m not the only one tired of hearing “Lie lie lie lie, lie lie, some more lies, I approve this message”. If only we could fast forward to November 6 and be done with it already. In the … Continue reading

Mellow Mushroom is Now Following You…IN REAL LIFE

In order to grow their audience on Twitter, pizza chain, Mellow Mushroom, launched a brilliant campaign where they told people “follow us, and we’ll follow you”. Unsuspecting fans probably thought, “Oh awesome, I’ll follow my favorite pizza joint on Twitter … Continue reading

11 Sensationally Sarcastic “Binders of Women” Reviews

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the “binders of women” comment from Mitt Romney during the last Presidential debate. Hundreds of people immediately flocked to Amazon to report on their experience with said binders. Most people … Continue reading

Special K’s Tweet Shop: Bribing the Twitterverse with Free Food

Tweet Shop

Soho, London was home to a treat of a Tweet Shop last week. Special K set up a temporary store front to market their new Special K Crisps where customers paid with tweets instead of cash. The concept was simple: … Continue reading

5 Things to Remember When Using Humor in Social Media

Laughing horse

Most big brands have moved away from the “hard-sell” approach on social media. They understand that we don’t want our newsfeeds and dashboards to be filled with meaningless sales pitches and “Like this if you love our brand!” The “soft-sell” … Continue reading

Stop Yelling At Me: How Commercial Silence Can Be Golden

little girl covering ears

For those of you who have been living the high life with your DVR or TiVo and have forgotten what a commercial entails, let me refresh your memory. Your favorite show is interrupted by an obnoxiously loud jingle that magically … Continue reading

How Zombies Are Infecting the Media

zombie guy

Zombies. The Living Dead. Night Walkers. Skin Puppets. Flesh Dolls. Rebels Without A Pulse. Whatever you want to call them, they want your brains and they’re getting their hands on them through the media. Needless to say, the threat of … Continue reading